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LoadRunner Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, do these prices include the use of LoadRunner?

The prices as noted on the Pricing Matrix are for companies who already own or license LoadRunner or LoadRunner PerformanceCenter. LoadRunner licensing can be included as part of services delivery for an additional fee

These prices are incredible. I don't believe you do this all onshore, are you sure you don't have an offshore facility?

We don't have one, which is a surprise to most organizations. We've never had an overseas facility and likely never will. We did look at the overseas model when we were in the whiteboard “What if..” stage of our development, but we could never reconcile the challenges that clients continually brought to our attention: The time zone differences; the cultural idioms and language issues which became barriers to delivery; the ability to hire, retain and mature engineering staff without constant turnover; and the ugly perspective that software quality assurance just is not a desired career path but it’s an acceptable stepping stone to get to development or management.

We came home, looked at the depth of engineering talent available in the rural United States and said, “Yeah, we can build our home here!” In an overseas operation, we could not match the available engineering talent, development efficiency and the ability to mature the organization with low turnover that we could in the United States. This was true for Asia, Canada, India, Latin America and the Philippines.

We're based in rural South Carolina, on the edge of the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area. It’s a productive area for the items that our by the hour services needs to survive – development skills, engineering expertise and a lowered cost of operations – all of which benefit you, our clients.

We’re convinced that by controlling our costs and improving efficiency with standardized practices combined with an Internet-based delivery, we’ll always deliver the best and most cost-effective performance testing services available. This production model, combined with a direct sales channel, allows us to offer the best possible values to our clients.

OK, so you're in the United States, are you sure you're just not importing cheap labor from overseas?

We've faced a lot of accusations and rumors of this type, primarily from advocates of the 'offshore-in-all-cases' crowd. Let's put all of the accusations and rumors to rest.

    We do not sponsor H or L class visas.
    We do not pay cash to illegal aliens.
    We do not use child labor.
    We respect all of the wage and labor laws for the locations where we are based.

We rely on the efficiency of the highest productivity worker on the planet, the United States worker. Sure, we might be able to pay a lower wage to workers overseas or by importing boatloads of workers, but the efficiency gap is huge. A worker trained and mentored in our development program is easily five times more productive than their counterparts overseas. Without the efficiency an skills of the American IT worker there is no way we would be able to compete successfully with overseas firms.

How do I know you can produce? I mean, I have been burned before by companies that say that they have LoadRunner expertise when all they really had was a low rate.

James PulleyOur Chief Technology Officer is James Pulley, who has been affiliated with LoadRunner and it's use continuously since 1996. In that time he's held various roles with Mercury, as an independent consultant specializing in difficult performance test projects, PowerTest and as a moderator for several professional forums related to LoadRunner and Performance testing. James is currently a moderator for

    LoadRunner Yahoo Group
    The Advanced LoadRunner Yahoo Group
    SQAForums LoadRunner
    SQAForums WinRunner
    SQAForums Cloud Computing

James' comments on the types of fundamental skills which are required to be successful with LoadRunner are on public record in these and other forums. For the past ten years he has given back to the industry on both tools and performance test process and is at the forefront of establishing standards for the software performance test profession. For LoadRunnerByTheHour, James is driven by two concerns for our clients, the quality of the deliverable and a reduction in risk in deployment of the application under test. James is also the CTO of our sister company, The ScriptFarm. ScriptFarm is a value-based solution delivery company for LoadRunner services.

What is the difference between ScriptFarm and LoadRunner by the hour? Aren't they the same?

The ScriptFarm's primary focus is value to the customer. While it does leverage the same skilled resource pool as LoadRunnerbythehour, the deliverables to the client are negotiated up front and the price set as a result, which is in contrast to LoadRunnerByTheHour's fixed price | fixed deliverable| fixed hours model. LoadRunnerByTheHour is a subscription service where you pay for forty hours per week at a fixed rate for access to your defined number and types of resources with specific skills.

You have mentioned 'value' several times, isn't this the same as 'price?'

Value is the benefit derived from the purchase of a product or service. Price is what is paid for the product or service. However for the past five years when we have asked prospective clients about the value they were deriving from their current LoadRunner services provider most organizations could only provide the price paid on a per hour basis back to us. Senior management at these same firms would absolutely refuse to speak with our organization further unless price per hour was in the same ballpark. We knew we could provide better 'value' than the customer was deriving, so a change in delivery model to one purely based upon price was called for.

There's no magical pixie dust involved in our path to this point. We went searching for existing successful models for the challenges we faced and we wound up borrowing heavily from the competitive pressures which shaped Southwest airlines. When Southwest airline began the target competition was travel by bus and not by other airlines.

We asked the difficult questions surrounding how could we be able to compete on a price basis with overseas organizations and still maintain the level of quality our customers had come to expect. We standardized our delivery model. We examined every aspect of our cost components, from facilities to our engineer development to our hiring practices with an eye towards keeping costs in check. This allows us to pass the benefits directly onto you, our clients, in the form of LoadRunner price per hour leadership for our services.

Core business fundamentals + Core technical fundamentals = success for our clients.

We challenge you to find a better value for the price paid for LoadRunner services anywhere in the world. Put us to the test.

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