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Web 2.0

Whether you call it AJAX, Flex, Flash or it's leveraging the web services foundation for all three, the core principal in play is that the browser is not just a pretty graphic terminal any longer. Code is running on the desktop and the tools and standards are evolving at a frighteningly fast pace.

You need performance test developers who are capable of keeping up, who are capable of working with the latest technologies and can use their skills to bridge the gap between the toolkit you are using today and the version which LoadRunner supports.

Environments Supported

  • ASPx
  • AJAX
  • FLEX
  • Flash
  • Web Services (Simple Object Access Protocol)


You get the same great features of our web virtual users but extended to the Web 2.0 model. Our hardened scripts are built to your requirements & specifications which always include

  • Full and clear comments
  • Timing record markers (Transactions) matched to your requirements
  • Pacing matched to your load model
  • Varying think times to reflect a variety of users
  • Appropriate handling of all http session related data which must be exchanged between client and server
  • Full parameterization of user entered data
  • Full capture and replacement of server provided information which is part of the HTTP business process
  • Check for expected page returns
  • Handling of error conditions generated by the application
  • Full QA check of the script by a second member of the team to ensure that the script processes data and executes as expected
  • Efficient use of resources by the virtual user to allow for maximal use of Load Generators without becoming resource bound on the load generators

When Web 3.0, the semantic web, arrives, we'll be ready with an offering to cover your needs in that arena as well.