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[LoadRunner Yahoo Group] performance testing of OBIEE reports with Loadrunner

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Hi All,

I have a requirement to capture the OBIEE reports response time for multiple concurrent users(1,20 and 50) when the analytics and database server cache's are disabled.

When I ran the report with 1 user,the response time is 500sec ,but with 20 users the response time is 180sec for the same report(analytics and database server'scache is disabled)

I am not understanding why it is taking less time to retrieve the report second time even though the cache is disabled(even with higher number of users).

can anyone help me to find why it is taking less time when i run the report second time.

Business Impact
  • This person will fail to exercise the system in the same method which is used by your end clients, with data which is changing for reports
  • Response times will be artificially lower in performance test as compared to production. A substantial risk of mis setting end client's expectations on response time
  • The system cannot be tuned successfully without a full exercise of the report server. A substantial risk that a performance issue will not be found in test will make its way into production
Technical Issue
  • Caching can occur at many points in a system, from database to app server to reports server. Data access is expensive and applications which incorporate intelligence to determine if a report has already been executed maximize the efficiency of a deployed solution
  • In order to fully exercise the system data needs to be varied resulting in a report which cannot be cached because of the changing conditions assigned to each report request