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[LoadRunner Yahoo Group] Java applets not getting recorded in vugen 9.10

Posting Analysis

Hi Experts,

I am trying to record a web based application which launches a java applet and after performing certain tasks returns back to the same page from where it was invoked.the application records using http/html(url) protocol and even is able to launch the applet and work further on it sucessfully, however after launching the applet LR is not recording any action that has performed on the applet. In turn hen the control is back to the browser is recordes the remaining steps(i.e. logout).

I am using LR version: 9.10 The protocols i have tried: http/html(winlnet level, url based)I have tried using URL mode.

Pls suggest


Business Impact
  • This person is unable to decouple client side actions from server side activity and assumes that any action which appears on the screen always requires server access. As client code applets can be purely local in context
  • This person is spinning their wheels in client development. Lacking tools and methods to diagnose effectively whether the applet generates any code the user will take a significant amount of time to build an effective test script
Technical Issue
  • Use a protocol analyzer to determine if the applet communicates with the server and the content of the conversation