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[LoadRunner Yahoo Group] How to correlate search results

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Posting Analysis

Dear All,

I have to correlate the search results. My scenario is..Based on the search parameters my results vary and I need to pick 1 value from the search results and I was not able to find in the server response to correlate this dynamic content.


Business Impact
  • Correlation is a basic/foundation skill for LoadRunner, equivalent to accurately recording ledger entries for accounting
  • This person has not been trained. Correlation is the subject of 1/3 of the standard LoadRunner training material, including three distinct techniques for handling dynamic content which must be correlated
  • As an untrained person this person will take five to ten times as long to complete basic tasks at a lower level of quality. What should cost one hour to complete will take five to ten
Technical Issue
  • Technique one: Manual correlation through log examination
  • Technique two: Manual correlation through side-by-side comparison in VUGEN
  • Technique three: Automated correlation through user defined rule