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Root Cause Analysis for Poor Performance


  • Instead of receiving a report and then having to spend time to figure out what the data means, our engineers take the time to distill the test result data to the most likely cause of the performance issue.
  • Bottleneck analysis is a difficult to acquire skill, requiring years of observation of different types of systems. Our clients benefit immediately from years of expertise that they do not need to build or find on the open market.


Finding the cause of performance issues is a difficult task, which is why you will find few organizations willing to enbrace it. Solving difficult performance problems is what we enjoy most. For the better part of two decades members of our organization have been charged with finding where the pinch points are in both application and physical architectures. This ability to effectively identify application and architectural bottlenecks builds upon the foundation skills associated with effective testing and monitoring of the application infrastructure. Without solid tests and sound engineering practices associated with monitoring our engineers would be unable to identify the source of your application performance issues.