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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) script development


CRM Solutions are all about business. As such you need script development staff that are strongly grounded in both technology and business. A hybrid engineer who can effectively translate the business requirements for the script into an implementation for your CRM solution. Depending upon the solution you deploy one or more LoadRunner protocol types may be appropriate.

Below you will find characteristics associated with our scripts. Are you certain that all of your scripts incorporate the best practices noted below? Send us a script for review and we'll match your script up to the list and provide to you a report of any deviations from the best practices.


As with any type of script development best practices are followed, matching the scripts produced to your organization's requirements and specifications

  • Clear and concise comments
  • Pacing matched to your load model
  • Varying think time representing a wide user population
  • Timing record inclusion (Transactions) matched to your requirements
  • Handling of server session data where appropriate
  • Capture of server provided data where necessary for inclusion within the business process
  • Full parameterization of the user entered data
  • Check for expected results/pages being returned
  • Error handling
  • Quality Assurance check of the script by a second member of the team to ensure that the script meets both your specifications as well as our engineering standards before it goes out the door back to you.
  • Efficient use of resources by the virtual user to allow for maximal use of Load Generators without becoming resource bound on the load generators