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Performance Test Project Management


Our project managers have been there, have encountered the common obstacles that you are most likely to encounter as a part of your performance test project and are aware of the workarounds that need to be in place in order for your project to be successful: Fewer delays, no unsurmountable obstacles, fewer deviations from schedule and budget. That is our value to you.


Performance testing, is at its core, a small scale development effort. All of the classical phases of any other development project are present in the performance testing effort

  • Collection and Management of Requirements
  • Development of code adhering to both company standards and best practices
  • Quality Assurance checks against the code
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Deployment, as a test
  • Monitoring in deployment, both the test infrastructure and the application under test
  • A maintenance phase associated with new builds of the application environment
  • Archival

Our project managers are well versed in managing all aspects of the performance testing effort as independent benchmark projects or as a part of a larger scale development and deployment effort. All of our performance test project managers have over a decade of experience in managing and direct delivery of performance test efforts.