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Performance Requirements Management

Performance test projects are, at their core, small scale development efforts. As such every attribute of best of breed development projects is associated with performance test efforts: (Script) Development, (Test Execution) Deployment, and at the core a solid set of requirements associated with performance expectations on the part of your internal application users.


  • All requirements are fully vetted in a standardized process, ensuring that they are specific, measurable, attainable, repeatable and testable/time-based (SMART)
  • All internal and external groups are operating on the same set of expectations for application performance: end-users, program managers, development, functional and performance quality assurance
  • Contracted development organizations can be held accountable to a performance standard. Lacking such items in the requirements document leads to additional out of scope work on the part of development partners to meet performance requirements.


Requirements is also the failure point of most performance test projects. Vendors will start script development without the benefit of specific, measurable, attainable, repeatable and testable/time-based (SMART) requirements. Instead requirements are replaced by a set of ambiguous expectations, very soft views of performance. This is often complicated by the industry norm that performance requirements are often not collected at the onset of a project, resulting in development efforts taking place with no specific defined performance targets. This is a recipe for expectations not meeting reality at the end of the project, the absolute most expensive time to fix a problem before deployment.