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LoadRunner Script Recording


Rather than struggling to find the correct mix of environmental settings and/or protocols to record the application our engineers will both identify the correct recording protocol and record the business process. Best practices associated with the placement of transactions and comments are adhered to. We save you time and expense associated with guessing on the protocol and obtaining a solid recording that can be used to build your virtual user


One of the most common questions associated with script development is "Which Protocol do I pick?" You can find dozens of examples of this question monthly in public forums and internet mailing lists associated with LoadRunner - Users struggling seemingly picking protocols at random to try and find a combination of settings which will actually record the conversation between the client and the server.

While the recording engine of LoadRunner is very robust, at times a keen architectural eye as well as precise control of the recording environment is required for a successful recording to be made of an application. The operating systems of our recording hosts are kept deliberately simplified, our installations of LoadRunner free of clutter, our users educated in the use of tools to determine the protocol used as well as interview methods to uncover the architectural components necessary to identify and successfully record the application.