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Windows Sockets Script Development


The ability to support a Windows sockets application effectively is a benchmark measure of an organization. If you can effectively develop Windows Sockets Scripts, then effective support for less demanding protocols is virtually assured.


When all else fails LoadRunner provides a catch all interface for the development of scripts which are not covered by any of the other 30++ protocols supported by the product, using a Windows sockets interface capture to read and write directly to the TCP or UDP port. This is amongst the most difficult of all protocols, mandating superb programming skills in 'C' plus experience with working with a sockets environment.

This is an extremely rare skill set in the market, akin to the skills required to write device drivers for operating systems. It is our distinct engineering focus which allows our organization to support the widest breadth of protocols of almost any vendor in the market including applications which stymie other providers. This support includes support for Windows Sockets.

Below you will find characteristics associated with our scripts. Are you certain that all of your scripts incorporate the best practices noted below? Send us a script for review and we'll match your script up to the list and provide to you a report of any deviations from the best practices.

  • Clear and concise comments
  • Parameterization of user entered data
  • Appropriate handling of application session data
  • Correct execution with variable length returned buffers
  • Correct exchange of data supplied by the server as a part of the business process under examination