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Team and Term Length


As a client you no longer have to worry about the historical trade-off ever present in the price versus performance in your outsourced performance testing organization. No longer will you have to use your staff to check the deliverables coming back from your provider to ensure that they meet the expressed requirements. No longer will your own staff have to cover the work for a mandated low price provider.

Overview - Price & Quality in balance

Our clients have been demanding services at a given price point for years, much of this being driven by pressure outside of the quality assurance organization to contain costs on an absolute hour basis. So we took a clean sheet of paper and figured out how we could provide high quality performance test related services at a given price point. We had to build a completely new organization to meet the quality and the per hour rate. We believe we have the best combination of price and performance for the mix of skills of any organization associated with performance testing, located anywhere in the world, period!

As with any services organization the easier it is for us to plan for staff and the longer the term of the engagement the better the price we can pass along to you, our clients. Each of the offerings has a blended minimum team size and term in order to meet the dramatically low price point at which we can offer these robust engineering services.

We don't expect you to take our word for it. Call us. Put your questions to us. We expect you to demand the same level of excellence from us as your performance test provider as you demand of your own staff and we demand of our staff as well. We welcome the challenge.