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Web Script Development

The world wide web is a fast moving target for LoadRunner script development with advances from Microsoft in the .Net space, Advances in Java, Browser add-ins from Adobe, Microsoft and other vendors. All of these items can cloud both which protocol should be used as well as the development best practices which must be adhered to for a solid script.


With technologies evolving faster than vendors can build integrations training on the architectural foundations of the web becomes critical. We invest heavily in such training which allows our engineers to approach new technologies with an arsenal of tools for the creation of scripts. For the most exotic of technologies we can leverage the robust expertise of our principals, all of whom have over ten years of experience with LoadRunner and web based technologies.

Below you will find characteristics associated with our scripts. Are you certain that all of your scripts incorporate the best practices noted below? Send us a script for review and we'll match your script up to the list and provide to you a report of any deviations from the best practices.


Our staff is trained in how to handle both standard as well as evolving technologies on the web. Our hardened scripts are built to your requirements & specifications which always include

  • Full and clear comments
  • Timing record markers (Transactions) matched to your requirements
  • Pacing matched to your load model
  • Varying think times to reflect a variety of users
  • Appropriate handling of all http session related data which must be exchanged between client and server
  • Full parameterization of user entered data
  • Full capture and replacement of server provided information which is part of the HTTP business process
  • Check for expected page returns
  • Handling of error conditions generated by the application
  • Full QA check of the script by a second member of the team to ensure that the script processes data and executes as expected
  • Efficient use of resources by the virtual user to allow for maximal use of Load Generators without becoming resource bound on the load generators